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By @kane713 “This record is so dope. Proud of this idea i made come to life. Video will be even more dope.This project will put me back in my own lane again. But I know they won’t be far behind with the mimicking and imitating. That’s cool tho. Its more of a compliment I get it. I love to subliminally inspire minds.

#imjustdifferent #gottaRestoreTheBalance 

I’m a fool with producing my own ideas. I Dnt know how to do it for others that’s why I Dnt tell ppl I produce. But a lot of eyes will open and chat rooms will be buzzing after hearing this record. I’m an artist. Let me paint. You will see I’m nothing like anybody at all.” b a d c
By @delomdr “I’m here. Tell em I’m here. I ain’t leaving. #H” b a d c
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By @hogglife101 “💯” b a d c
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By @dice357 “#Htown.  Definitely one of my favorite Houston based artist next to SCARFACE, BUN B, CHAMILLIONAIRE, and MYSELF. yeah I said #myself nigga. b a d c
Brothers b a d c
MJ b a d c
b a d c
We don’t see you b a d c
A man’s thoughts are his most powerful tools. Take caution to what you fix your mind to. b a d c
Instruments of life… b a d c
Not playing… b a d c
I’ll do what I can do till it’s gone… b a d c
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